Skipper is a platform created by moblin.
Run by a team of mobile marketing veterans, we planned, executed, tracked and optimized mobile campaigns for nearly a decade. We’re well known in the field for our unique mobile app distribution abilities, global reach, tracking tools and optimization technologies.

Skipper is built and based on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, the platform won a formal Microsoft case study for cloud PaaS. In April 2016, Skipper’s technology platform was chosen as one of the Top 100 promising European companies by Red Herring.

Big data

Skipper’s algorithms navigate safely utilizing big data to the max
We use big data analysis based on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. Skipper analyzes thousands of events per second, grabs ranks, usage, reviews, ratings and featured data from the stores, collects all targeting parameters to analyze & optimize for getting you the volume and quality you are looking need.

Smart decisions

Skipper’s machine-learning algorithm uses targeting rules to decide when and where to run each campaign for maximum impact and high quality conversions.

Hyper-Granular Targeting

Choose between targeting options like location, platform, operating system, browser, language, mobile connection and carrier to get the most out of your campaign.

Real-Time Statistics

Skipper monitors goals and KPI’s automatically in real-time and provides analytics directly to your dashboard, which gives you an instant overview of overall performance. No need to waste hours waiting for reports.

100% Self-serve platform

Our easy-to-use self-serve panel lets you create and manage every aspect of your campaign. All of the insights and transparency of live reporting combined with our powerful optimization tools allow you to effectively control your media buying and scale your campaigns quickly.